Learn about the rich history of Central Worship Center.



There have been many changes through the years but Central Worship Center has a rich history. The church was originally founded in 1890 and known as Epworth Methodist church. The property was donated by a local farmer and the people of the community of Sycamore came together to build the church. As time progressed, there was a desire with in this local body to expand. This small band of people felt the need to pursue their spiritual independence. In 1972, body of believers purchased property just down the road and changed the name of the church to Epworth Fellowship church.

Although they left the Methodist conference, they felt they should keep the name to remember their heritage. The church immediately began to grow. It doubled and then tripled in size within the first year of this move. Missions began to be birthed. It developed a passion for world missions, supporting over fifty missionaries. One of its greatest missions effort was the launching of Epworth Christian school in 1979. ECS has been educating children for over thirty years now. The school presently offers daycare, preschool and K to 8. In 2006, the name of the church was changed to Central Worship Center. Although the name has changed, the heart and purpose of this body had continued. It was part of the vision that this church was centrally located in the county and that it is CENTRAL to LIFE.

As we face new opportunities with the passing of each year, the goal is always the same. We must reach one person at a time.

CWC 50th Anniversary